Just stumbled across a web application called stumbleupon which lets you choose your interests and when generated, the application "stumbles" you across websites or content that is related to the previously selected interests. While browsing through using stumbleupon, I found an article on web design.

the good month

Hello People,

We here at Flow Media would like to wish all muslims a good and happy ramadhan ahead. May god bless all during this glorious month.

Industry News

Hello people,

We've been reading the latest edition of Digital Arts Magazine (UK), and amidst the excellent tutorials they offer, one advertisement caught our eye.

A company in Abu Dhabi, called twofour54, put an advertisement in the magazine that went something like
" 180 Million animation fans under 25 years of age, and yet the Arabic animation industry is still in its infancy".
It caught our attention, one, because we think it is a market that is yet to be fully utilized (which is pretty obvious in all industries),  and also we as a multimedia community as a whole should look into giving them support and share our experiences and knowledge with that part of the world.

On another note, portfolio is still being compiled as I type, and we value your patience greatly.


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Thank you is now flowing is officially running.

After many days of working on the site, it is finally done. We here at Flow Media would like to welcome you to the site. In the coming days, we will continue to update the site and hope that all of you keep tabs on us, as we will try to bring you constant updates regarding Flow Media as well as industry news.

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