Just stumbled across a web application called stumbleupon which lets you choose your interests and when generated, the application "stumbles" you across websites or content that is related to the previously selected interests. While browsing through using stumbleupon, I found an article on web design.

From that article, it discusses the current trend of web design, and lists down the current 5 most used design principles. They are

  • Minimalism
  • Unique Photography
  • Bold Typography
  • Clear calls to action
  • A/B testing

Minimalism, unique photography and bold typography are pretty self explanatory.

Clear calls to action is basically a play of words, colors, etc to attract the user to a particular section or promotion piece in that website.

A/B testing on the other hand is a way to optimize website likeability by having 2 landing pages, and will randomly be accsessible to users and analysis will be done on the stats obtained from the testing.

I for one agree with the author, and also agree with most of the user comments that minamalism is the way to go these days. I think that a website that can somehow combine these elements is a sure winner, and we here at Flow Media will continue to improve our quality towards achieving quality designs in general.

source is from mashable


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