Its been too long

Hello to all.

Its been too long since the last update from us. The holy month of Ramadhan has truly been a testing period for us. From office relocation to server crashes, god has truly given us something to think about. At long last, things are flowing for Flow Media.

As mentioned, the first big news from us is our relocation of our operations office from Ara Damansara to Kota Damansara. We decided we needed a change of scene, and in literally 2 hours of decision making, we picked an office and made the call to view the first office we found on the net. The next day, we went, we looked and we signed. Now we have a new place to call our home away from home. Our operations office is now located at

No. 5-2-2 , 2nd Floor,
Garden Wing, Sunsuria Avenue,
47810, Persiaran Mahogani,
Kota Damansara, PJ

Here are some other shots of the new office. 

old windows machine vs new MAC-hine

burning the midnight oil..literally

View of workstations

The office is a newly completed office area in Kota Damansara, which has a hotel (tune hotel), a futsal center (sportsplanet) and a badminton center (sunsuria-pioneer). We are one of the earliest companies to move in, but thankful that the offices on our floor are all occupied. Asia Cafe is also nearing completion so we are predicting steady flow of human traffic in the coming months. All in all, we are very pleased with our moment of spontaneity.

Also mentioned above is the month and a half long hiatus of our website. Our server provider, the provider that has had 5 years of crash free business, suffered a major electrical and mechanical failure. It is unfortunate that happened, and even all our data was lost, but as we have said earlier, all things happen for a reason, and even after a month of interrupted business days, everything is going good now.

Lastly, we are still compiling and updating our portfolio as we have had a few jobs to add to it.

Sorry for the long absence, and hopefully we will learn from this and improve in the future.

Thank You all for your patience.


The team from FLOW MEDIA