We were reading Smashing Magazine. an online magazing focused on design, mainly webdesign, and came across an their article on "learning to abstract what you see". The article explains and encourages readers to always think about what you see in everyday life. This will help in creating something amazing with your designs. Take a different route to work, or have a walk to your nearest park. Look at your surroundings, and take note of things that you wouldn't even think of looking at.

We feel that in this day and age where mostly everyone with a mobile phone would have a camera bult in it. Why not just snap anything that you feel is worth looking at twice or more (of course don't be an idiot or a peeping tom and snap pictures of girls without them knowing...that's just rude and an invasion of privacy...you read it here first, FLOW MEDIA DOES NOT CONDONE PEEPING TOMS). Those moments you capture might give you inspiration for your next great masterpiece.



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